What is the difference between Bit-Map and Vector Images?


The vector image utilizes geometrical formulations in order to signify images. Another method of symbolizing graphical image is actually via bit-maps where the image consists of the design associated with dots (note which bit-maps tend to be also known as raster graphics). Programs which permit you to produce as well as change vector images tend to be known as draw programs as well as programs which change bit-map pictures tend to be known as paint programs.

Vector images tend to be more versatile compared to bit-maps simply because they may be very easily re-sized. Additionally, pictures saved as vectors appear much better when shown upon high resolution printers as well as screens. Bit-map pictures appear exactly the same, regardless of the quality from the display. An additional benefit of the vector image is actually they frequently need much less storage compared to bit-maps perform.

Observe that the majority of result products such as dot matrix ink jet printers, laser beam ink jet printers as well as display screens tend to be raster products (wide structure ink jet printers becoming the actual exception). Which means that just about all items, even vector images, should be converted in to bit-maps (or rasterized), just before getting end result.

Vector images need not end up being converted into bit-maps before final feasible moment, after all dimensions as well as resolutions are already specified.

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